Investment Strategies

At NorCap, using asset allocation and security selection, we tailor an investment strategy to fit each individual client's needs and goals. The portfolio reflects each client's desire for capital growth and income, and tolerance for risk of loss and volatility. Some investment strategy themes are highlighted here. NorCap believes that understanding each client's specific needs is the foundation for a successful investment advisory relationship. We work to develop strong, lasting relationships with our clients to ensure we meet their short- and long-term goals. Our skilled team of professionals utilize their extensive experience with sophisticated investment planning tools to determine the mix of financial assets best suited to each client's risk tolerance and financial goals. We begin each relationship by addressing the following key issues:

  • Understanding the client's investment goals and risk tolerance.
  • Establishing an appropriate investment policy and guidelines.
  • Selecting the best investment portfolio to meet these needs.
  • Determining an ongoing plan for communicating with each client to discuss performance results, portfolio strategies, and our financial market outlook.

To meet individual client needs, NorCap offers a variety of equity, balanced & fixed income portfolios. These portfolios range from aggressive growth equity strategies focused on capital appreciation to more conservative fixed income and balanced portfolios, which emphasize capital preservation and income. All of our portfolios are based on the core belief that investors will achieve superior returns by holding a diversified portfolio of securities.

Our investment process is centralized and disciplined, with the firm's Senior Financial Advisors directing decisions for all portfolios. Our research objective is singularly focused on identifying companies with sustainable competitive advantages. Success in this endeavor requires the firm's investment professionals to incorporate a longer-term perspective into their thinking. NorCap's research, while including a comprehensive evaluation of the near-term fundamentals, emphasizes understanding the level of sustainability of a company's secular growth prospects. A long-term focus, coupled with a thorough fundamental evaluation, improves our ability to anticipate secular change. More importantly, it provides us with a more comprehensive estimate of a stock's true worth.
Some investment strategy themes are highlighted here.