Northern Capital was founded in 1979 to manage financial assets for individual and institutional investors. While our portfolio management has evolved and grown with our clients' needs, the focus and mission of the firm has remained constant: to provide outstanding service and investment performance to each client on an individual basis.
Each of our portfolios is managed to meet a client's individual needs, yet all share the common goal of maximizing returns at a controlled risk level. We accomplish this objective through a disciplined approach that begins with understanding each client's investment goals and risk tolerances. Northern Capital manages a variety of equity, balanced and fixed income portfolios based on our core belief that investors will achieve superior returns by holding a diversified portfolio of securities.
At Northern Capital, we are proud of our long history of providing clients with value-added investment services and are committed to continuing this tradition.

Locally Owned

Locally owned investment advisor serving Madison's individual and institutional investors since 1979.


Investment professionals committed to providing customized solutions to meet your investment needs.

Individual Portfolios

Individually managed portfolios increase accountability and reduce overall expenses.